Xerkin’s Business View

Since it’s inception, Xerkin have worked continuously and diligently to deliver innovative, stable and practical solutions for all your problems and smartest way to fulfill you requirements. Project management, Team handling, High quality, proven technology, and innovative solutions have made Xerkin into a position as a global leader specializing in machining technology, engineering solutions, and professional services for medium and heavy duty industries.  We help our clients develop and implement solutions that improve overall data performance, reduce risk, increase functional capabilities, and consider the future needs of the client.


Team Xerkin

Xerkin with it’s associated design and manufacturing companies and worldwide associated vendors with over 5,500 professionals at global production facilities that consist of a unique blend of highly specialized professionals who have significant experience in the deployment and integration of mechanical components with it’s design and related technologies. Our management and associated production teams possess extensive backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering and other related disciplines. Our expertise shines through the caliber of our associated manufacturing teams, and these teams have been setting the pace in the industry for over 20 years.  The combination of our people, processes, and expertise provides clients with a project team that can exceed expectations for their project.


Xerkin’s Core Values


  • Key Innovation

We anticipate and indulge to our client’s requirements to boost up the overall end performance and provide exclusively innovative solutions and technology, which enhances the value of their long-term investments.

  • Integrity

We are extremely careful in making promises, and take every possible step to ensure timely deliver on our commitments.

  • Honesty

We always stand crystal clear to our clients. Each and every commitments will be delivered with total honesty which as an Indians, we are proud of it.

  • Client Focus

We proactively assess and confirm our customer’s business requirements, and we earn trust by delivering relevant, quality and adaptive solutions that deliver long-term value.

  • Commitment To Quality

We are accountable as individuals, as a team, and as a company to deliver on our promises of superior products and services.

  • Partner In Success

We are a relationship-based company that strives to provide a “better business experience” for our clients. We understand the business environment is dynamic and always evolving, which is why we believe in having a flexible, enduring relationship with our clients that will provide maximum results and project success.

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