We at XerKin involved in manufacturing diaphragms for over the years for various fluid and pneumatics applications through our associated team of manufacturers. A rubber diaphragm is nothing but a sheet of semi-flexible rubber that is supported at its outer edges and is most often round or square in form or shape. Diaphragms acts as barriers between two mating or contacting surfaces, moving slightly up into one chamber or down into another chamber depending on differences in pressure. The diaphragm will transmit pressure from one chamber to another without exchanging any media (fluid or air) between the chambers.

We produces custom diaphragms in a broad range of materials, shapes and sizes. We produce diaphragms from standard rubber materials to highly advanced compounds for chemical compatibility. We also are very experienced in producing fabric-reinforced diaphragms, particularly for the pump and fluid handling industries.

We can produce wide range of rubber diaphragms in many shapes and sizes and from many different materials. Our compounding technologies allow us to tightly control the material spec and meet customer criteria. XerKin is highly proficient in producing solid rubber diaphragms or fabric reinforced diaphragms.

If you have any specific requirement either standard or Custom, Xerkin could be your lone quality solution at international best competitive prices.

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