Technology continues in advancement with the ultimate goal to maximize profit returns in exploration and computation, completions and production, refining and drilling practices.

Well designing and formations have become much difficult to reach and well architecture has become quite complex which pushes the conventional operating parameters of critical components and sealing elements. The harsh surroundings, temperatures, fluid media, and pressures of oil and gas expeditions all create a threat to cylinder sealing elements.

For fluid power and hydraulic systems in the oil and gas industry, these most harsh conditions require that each and every component is designed and manufactured for maximum performance and to minimize risk during routine activities.

In response to the increasing complexity of extracting hydrocarbons, energy operators and service companies alike look for innovative engineering design that will protect assets, personnel, and the environment.

Our technical team investigates material requirements and operating parameters to meet your application requirements. We offer a range of seal profiles and unique geometries that are application specific.