Rubber washers are quite versatile and highly flexible components that are most suitable for sealing applications which require some degree of flexibility. We at Xerkin produce high quality rubber washers, as well as Neoprene, silicone, Buna-N, and EPDM washers using high quality raw materials. We can also quote other types according to the details you submit through our RFQ feature.

These rubber components are widely and frequently used in sealing, plumbing, filtration, cooling, ventilation and marine systems and settings, as well as in appliances and fixtures that may be subjected to moisture or development of condensation. They can be used in varieties of applications except some applications which may encounters extreme heat or corrosive materials. If your application requires a level of hardness in your rubber washer, you can specify that detail, most commonly known as the durometer, in your RFQ. If you have questions regarding any type of washers, call/write us and directly to get in contact with a member of our customer service team. We’re committed to addressing all of your needs and giving you the best possible experience when choosing us.

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