Xerkin provides the complete solution in field of automation also. Industrial robots are expanding into new types of inspection and pick-and-place applications that require flexible, precise, and delicate part handling. The adoption of robotic arms for automated test applications, for laboratory automation tasks in the medical or life sciences industry, as a core component of adaptive machines, or as a manipulator on top of autonomous vehicles increases the demand for smarter and higher performance robot control systems that allow robots to  :

– Adapt to changing conditions and quickly adjust the motion profiles
– Locate, handle, and pick and place components at random positions
– Interact with the environment, handle delicate parts, or safely operate next to humans

These applications need smarter robots that can interact with their environments through measurements and vision. XerKin graphical system design platform is enabling new applications for industrial robots by integrating measurements, vision, robot control, and human machine interfaces (HMIs) into one, easy-to-use environment. By combining the capabilities with add-ons provided by partners such as ImagingLab, you can quickly interface to the robot controller of leading industrial arm manufacturers such as DENSO, KUKA, Epson, and Mitsubishi. With these tools, you can implement manufacturer-independent robotic applications that incorporate robotic motion profiles, machine vision, I/O, and HMI tasks in one development environment.

If your application requires a more customizable solution, the rugged and low-cost Xerkin programmable automation controller  can serve as the controller for any industrial fixed-based arm. The Robotics Module includes kinematics libraries that you can use as a starting point for designing your own robot controller.